Feel your inner peace, look through the painting

I am painting because I want to connect with myself in a moment of silence. Being in the present.
Slowly and patiently applying the colors I imagine to the canvas, where they blend even more slowly, one shade into the other and create a landscape pleasing to the eye.

I painted this collection of oil paintings with an inner feeling, a need yet not expressed, and I could not name it for some time.
These paintings certainly do not all share the same emotions, but during the creation of this series, I was sure that they belong together.

And only after all the paintings were finished, I realized what led me to paint them.

Tuning in, slowing down, looking far into the sea and sunset…
Slowing. Down.
A time filled with serenity when I could be only with myself… quiet dreaming with open eyes.

Do you know that moment, when you sit on the beach by the sea in the evening, listening to the sound of the sea and the waves, their rhythm and the water coming to your feet?
That environment, the infinite view, last rays of the setting sun, the moment of silence that you can steal for yourself … and create a path to the depth of who you are and what is in you.

These memories were my guidance in painting these seascape paintings.
I painted them with the hope that they could bring you feelings similar to mine.
Looking into the distance and also into yourself. Connecting to your inner voice through the painting, enjoying a quiet moment during a busy day. Listening to your silent inner rhythm, making space for the gentle voice of intuition.

Can these seascape paintings serve our mental health?
I believe they can. 🙂
Any “anchors” you make at home can remind you to stop for a moment, to feel yourself. Realize where you are going or what you need.

I know it myself 🙂

There is nothing better than a tidy, quiet and sunlit place in my apartment where I can rest for a while, look into the distance and feel myself better. Best with coffee in hand and original art on my wall:)

Do you also need similar moments for yourself? How do you enjoy them the most?

Paintings that belong to this collection:

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